Happy New Year

And Thank You for your continued patience. Houston Marine Systems will be closed to the public until the easing of provincial COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

If you need to contact us with inquiries or to arrange curbside pickup, we can still be reached at sales@hmsdock.com or 705-454-2045.  

*Anyone needing to come into the building for work will need to fill out a COVID-19 screening form, as required by Ontario regulations, or better yet, you can use the online HMS Screening Tool by  CLICKING HERE.


Email us at sales@hmsdock.com

or call us at 705-454-2045 or 1-888-467-3625.


Inside our website you’ll find plenty of  information, and photos of our wide range of docks,

boat lifts, marine railways, docking accessories and other related products. Click on the

“Products” tab above to find what you are looking for. Also, believe it or not, you’ll find

prices for nearly everything; we’re not afraid to let you know how much things cost.