Houston Marine Systems Old Shop on Highway 35, circa 2007

Houston Marine Systems Old Shop on Highway 35, circa 2007 


In the summer of 1987, Houston Marine Systems opened for business on Highway 35, just north

of Coboconk. At that time, Mark and Greg Houston wore all the hats at HMS,and they quickly made

a name for themselves through excellent service, and the building of quality docks. Over the years,

the business grew and grew. HMS was now manufacturing wood docks, aluminum docks, winch-up

docks and marine railways.They had become a busy distributor for a leading Canadian boat lift

manufacturer, as well as carrying many other waterfront accessories. Though the size and scope

of the business kept growing, the commitment to reliable, friendly service never wavered. 


As can be seen in the photo above,  by 2007, after 20 years on Highway 35, the business had long

outgrown the facilities. There was just not enough space at the old location to keep up with the ever

increasing demands,so Houston Marine Systems moved “around the corner” to the new, larger location

on the corner of Highway 48 and North Bay Drive, just four kilometers west of Coboconk. [See Map]