>> Series 2000 – Aluminum Wheel-In Docks



All the great features of the Series 2000 Standing Dock, with the added convenience of wheels for easier installation and removal. Simply rolls in in the spring and rolls out in the fall! Excellent for gradual, sloping shorelines where water levels change over the course of the season.

Each section includes:
One 12’ aluminum frame with hinge assembly.  Two 12’ slide-in PVC bumper strips, one per side (extra bumper available), available in beige, white, grey or black. Two manually adjustable legs with axle and wheels for up to 4’ of water depth. Removable deck panels. (except “No Deck” sections) Standard Clubhouse PVC colours are “Brookstone” (grey) and “Clay” (beige).

wheel in nice_fmt2

Shown with optional leg assembly
for shore end.




Sizes No Deck for 1.5″ Cedar/ Treated Cedar No Deck for 1″ ThruFlo Clubhouse PVC*
4 x 12  $2,095.00 $2,870.00 $3,160.00 n/a $3,465.00
5 x 12  $2,305.00 $3,310.00 $3,645.00 $3,775.00 $3,895.00
6 x 12  $2,420.00 $3,580.00 $3,955.00 n/a $4,385.00

*For Clubhouse “Hardwood Collection” premium colours add $4.45 per square foot to standard PVC price above.


Top crank legs touched

Extra wheel kits (per pair) if required.
4’ $535.00 * 5’ $550.00 * 6’ $565.00

Extra Leg Assembly (per pair) if required $350.00

Deep Water Brace Kit, by dock width 4’ $130.005’ $140.00 * 6’ $150.00

Upgrade to Top Crank Legs, Add to price of standard dock or standard wheel kits. $500.00 & up

Deep Water Brace for Top Crank Legs
Contact HMS for pricing.