>> Boat Lift Extras & Options

Centering Step Rails, Carpeted Wood GM1800, GM3500-F $440.00/pair

GM3500, GM4500 & Pontoon $470.00/pair GM5500, 45HYD & 65HYD $500.00/pair
Included with Hydraulic Lifts

LifeTech Drive Power Unit
Attaches to lift and eliminates the wheel.   
12V DC or 120V AC Turnkey $1,230.00
Wired controls w/ 15’ extension $175.00
12V DC or 120V AC – remote $1,640.00
Transport Kit, 2 Wheels, adjustable
Wheels attach to lift. Raising lift lowers wheels
in place                                            $600.00/kit
Axle for adjustable transport kit  $180.00 each
Solar Panel Kit (For DC Units) – Includes 20w solar panel, battery, wire & attachment $850.00
Charger Kit – (For DC Units) – Includes battery, charger, wire & bracket    $420.00
Transport Kit, Fixed
Wheels attach to lift
2 Wheels for GM4500 & Under $370.00/kit
4 Wheels for GM5500 & Over   $730.00/kit
Boat Lift Boss Direct Drive Power Unit
Attaches to Lift and eliminates the wheel.
120V AC or 12V DC Turnkey       $1,295.00
With Wireless Remote Control  $1,795.00
Motor Stop
Designed for boats with sterndrive or outboard motor. Assists in centering your boat from front to back $300.00 each
Power Winch for PWC Lift
1500 lb capacity, 3/4hp AC motor, with

protective cover.
Replaces winch and handwheel. $795.00
With exchange of new winch and wheel. $595.00
Alum/Vinyl Bunks Bunks Only   W/Hardware
GM1200&1800 $250.00/pair $425.00/pair
GM3500  $270.00/pair $450.00/pair
GM4500 $300.00/pair $475.00/pair
GM5500  $315.00/pair $490.00/pair


Side Step 
Allows easier stepping into and out of boat. GM1263          $470.00/pair
GM1800 & Up $230.00/each
6’ Extension Legs
Carrying Handles
GM1800 & Under $215.00/pair $130.00/pair w/exchange* $280.00/set of 4
GM3500 & GM4500 $260.00/pair $160.00/pair w/exchange*
GM5500 & HYD $300.00/pair $185.00/pair w/exchange* Boat Lift Jack

$660.00 each

*with exchange of new standard legs


42” Adjustable Legs
Precise adjustment with cordless drill
GM2600 – GM4500    $610.00/pair
GM5500 & HYD.        $650.00/pair 
Vertical Guide
52” high
Helps in centering boat
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