High quality HDPE made with virgin material on the surface for the best UV protection (resists mould, mildew and fading), and recycled HDPE material in the core for better environmental protection.

Nine colours to choose from, with two-tone combinations available at no extra charge: Black, White, Charcoal Grey Yellow, Green, Tan Leather, Blue, Red, Chocolate Brown.
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Highlander Chair  $399.00
Modern Adirondack  $339.00
Maple Leaf Chair  $319.00
Maple Leaf Grande  $439.00
Pondside Chair  $239.00
Upright Muskoka Chair  $349.00
Classic Porch Rocker  $379.00
Chaise Lounge  $589.00
Multi Purpose Pub Chair  $369.00
36” Pedestal Table  $479.00
Bar Stool  $239.00
Patio Serving Station  $889.00
Highlander Chair Modern Adirondack Maple Leaf – Red Maple Leaf – Blue
Pond Chair Senior Muskoka Classic Porch Rocker Chaise Lounge
Pub Chair 36” Pedestal Table Bar Stool Patio Serving Station



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